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Welcome to Saybrook Township

7247 Center Road, Ashtabula Ohio 44004                          440-969-1106 Email: saybrooktwpclerk@windstream.net

Lori Zebrasky Office Manager

Renee Kirk Office Secretary

Memorial Day Observance Please Download and Read

Township Office Hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am — 12:00pm / 12:30 pm -4:30 pm (Closed 12:00pm- 12:30pm for lunch.) Closed Saturday, Sunday and All designated Holidays.

Township’s Trustees Regular Monthly Meeting is normally on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am and 4th  Tuesday at 6pm .These meetings are open to the public as are all other Township Committee and Board meetings. We encourage you to attend and participate in your local government. MINUTES OF ALL TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE AND ZONING BOARDS ARE AVAILABLE ON LINE. Click on the link shown as MTNUTES in the upper center of this page to view them. If you have comments, questions or concerns you may contact your elected official. All Township meetings are at the Township Administrative Offices unless otherwise noted.

 January 28, 2021 & February 4,2021 REQUEST FOR STATEMENTS OF QUALIFICATIONS FROM ARCHITECT/ENGINEERING FIRMS FOR DESIGN AND BUILDING OF A FIRE STATIOIN. Notice is hereby given that Saybrook Township Trustees are seeking a design/engineering firm for new construction of a fire station. The site location is a three or four acre lot on the west side of State Route 45 near the intersection of State Route 531. Approximate size of the structure to be designed is 8,000 square feet. The Building will include a four (4) bay drive thru apparatus bay and also living quarters. A general drawing of the concept and proposed layout is available. Ohio Revised Code Section 153.65-.71 requires public authorities to use the QBS process. Bid documents are available at the Saybrook Township Office, 7247 Center road, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004, Response Due by 12:00 Noon on 2/22/2021

In regards to CSX blocking the rail crossing in Saybrook, below is the contact information for the Surface Transportation Board (STB). We ask you to contact them every time there is an issue. Michael H. Higgins Deputy Director STB: Direct Line (202) 245-0284 email: Michael.higgins@stb.gov. You may also CC the Township in your e-mail so our office can stay informed saybrooktwpclerk@windstream.net.

Named for the Connecticut Saybrook Colony it is the only Saybrook Township statewide.

Saybrook Township was originally part of Austinburg Township and contained a settlement called Wrightsburg. It was not until 1816 that modern Saybrook Township became a separate township of its own. The township and community continued to be called Wrightsburg until 1827 when the name was changed to Saybrook, its new name coming from Saybrook, Connecticut. The early settlers are listed in the 1820 census for Ashtabula County with the township recorded as Wrightsburg.

The Saybrook Township lands were originally owned by Connecticut Land Company investor William Hart. Hart then sold the entire township, with the exception of one lot, to Josiah Wright and his son Samuel Wright of Pownal, Vermont, in 1811. The deed for this sale is recorded in the Ashtabula County Courthouse in Jefferson, Ohio.

Even though the Wrights were early owners of Saybrook Township, they were not the first settlers.The first settler in Saybrook Township was George Webster, a New Yorker who came in 1810.

In 1833, Saybrook Township contained one store, three taverns, a saw mill, and a carding machine.


Saybrook Township Elected Officials

Meeting Location: Administrative Offices Date: Regular Trustee Meeting is the 2nd Tuesday @ 10:00 AM

7247 Center Road Phone: 440-969-1106 fax: 440-969-7450



Robert Brobst: 440-969-1269

Gloria Baum: 440-964-2975

Norman Jepson: 440-993-8401

Fiscal Officer


Larry Johnson: 440-969-1106 ext. 304

Road Department.

Mark Pope Road Superintendent /Cemetery Sexton

The Saybrook Township Road Department is responsible for the maintenance of the township's roads.

Ashtabula County (440-576-2816) is responsible for the maintenance of the county's roads, and the State of Ohio (440-997-2276) is responsible for the maintenance of the state's roads.

Service provided by the township road department include:

  • Snowplowing
  • Replacing Culverts
  • Installing Culverts
  • Cleaning Ditches
  • Right Of Way Issues
  • Any Safety Issue
  • Yard waste bags will be picked up all year (weather and schedules permitting). These bags are for yard waste only (leaves and grass clippings only). No waste of any other kind is to be put into these bags. A reminder that sod, rocks and dirt are not permitted. Due to environmental concerns and regulations, the Township will NOT pick up any leaves in plastic bags or any non-biodegradable bags. Bags must not be over a reasonable weight and no heavier than a person can lift overhead or they will not be picked up by the township


    Barb Carr Zoning Inspector

    440-969-1106, Extension 1


    If you are planning any construction such as building a new structure, putting up a fence, sign, pool, or shed, you are required to apply for a Zoning Permit before any work is started. This applies not only to residential but all industrial and commercial buildings.

    Office hours Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm, your written questions will be reviewed.

    Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) :

    • Dean Moore Chair Person
    • Kathleen Kennedy Vice Chair
    • Kathy Feiler Member
    • Jason Keeler Member
    • Gary Carlson Member
    • Scott Russell 1st Alternate
    • Vacant 2nd Alternate

    Zoning Commission:

    • Karen Keesler, Chairperson
    • David Nolan Vice Chair
    • Alan Dalin Secretary
    • Joe Perry Member
    • Joe Petros Jr. Member
    • James Carlson 1st Alternate
    • Rich Zidonis 2nd Alternate

    Saybrook Township Zoning Fees download

    Zoning Complaint Form  download

    Official Schedule of District Regulations Saybrook Township download

    Zoning Application download

    Submittal Checklist download


    John Jyurovat, Fire Chief


    5714 North Ridge West Phone: 440-969-1179 fax: 440-969-1605

    Services include:

    • Firefighting
    • BLS Emergency Medical Service
    • Water Rescue Services
    • Fire Extinguisher Training
    • Carbon Monoxide Investigations
    • Fire Station Tours
    • CPR Training
    • Free Blood Pressure Checks
    • Car Seat Installation 

    The above is an abbreviated list of services. If you have a question, please feel free to contact the Chief.

    The Township bills for our Ambulance Services. Anyone that has a question concerning this billing should contact Medicount Management Inc. at 800.962.1484.

    Saybrook Township now offers car seat install and inspection by our Certified Technician Capitan James Krenisky. Call for an appointment 440-969-1179.

    Fire Services: Three Engines, Two Ambulances, One Fire Command Vehicle, One Grass Truck. Water Rescue Services: One Command Vehicle, Two Jet Skis With Trailer.

    History ​

    The Saybrook Fire Department was established in 1929 with 15 volunteer members and one used 1926 pumper. The fire notification system consisted of a bell that was mounted on the roof of the garage that housed the fire truck. Once notified of a fire, members of the department who lived or worked at nearby stores would respond to the garage, ring the bell, and drive the truck to the fire scene.

    Our department now has both full and part-time personnel that includes a Chief, Captains, Firefighters who are either EMTs or Medics. 

    Water Rescue Services has a part-time Commander and Vice-Commander along with approximately 12 volunteer members of this service. ​ ​



    Saybrook Township Meeting minutes

    May 25, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    May 14, 2021: Trustee Special Meeting view
    May 11, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    April 13, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    March 23, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    March 9, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    Febuary 23, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    Febuary 9, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    January 26, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    January 24, 2021: Work Session view
    January 11, 2021: Work Session view
    January 12, 2021: Trustee Meeting view
    December 22, 2020: Reorganization Meeting view
    December 22, 2020: Volunteer Fire Fighters' Dependents Fund view
    December 22, 2020: Records Committee view
    December 22, 2020: Trustee Meeting view
    December 22, 2020: Work Session  view
    December 8, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting  view
    December 4, 2020: Work Session  view
    November 17, 2020: Work Session  view
    November 10, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    November 4, 2020: Work Session  view
    November 2, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    October 13, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    September 22, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    July 28, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    July 23, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    July 14, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    June 9, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    May 26, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    May 12, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    April 28, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    March 10, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    February 25, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    February 11, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    January 28, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    January 16, 2020: Public Hearing view
    January 14, 2020: Regular Trustee Meeting view
    January 14, 2020: Public Hearing view
    January 13, 2020: Special Trustee Meeting view


    If you are looking to find a grave marker this would be a great resource to start with Click Here

    CEMETERY: NO glass, mulch or stone is permitted on or around graves at any time, regardless of the season. A copy of the entire rules of the Cemetery can be picked up at the Township Offices during regular working hours.